Ivar Krasinski: Architecture is a physical manifestation of will frozen into reality. This activity requires mental cross-training. Architects must look beyond their profession.

August 28, 2019

Architects needs to have clear intent. Therefore intent must be cultivated in all that an architect does.

Architecture is reality creation. Therefore the job of an architect is to train his/her reality creation muscles. This means that an architect’s endeavors should never be limited to a single discipline, because reality certainly involves far more than one thing. Architects must question existing realities and understand their limitations. Once the limitations are understood and identified, they can become a framework for the possible. This sort of mental exercise can be executed in many creative realms beyond a consultant’s chosen field.

For instance, our body is born which certain limitations: we can only lift X amount of weight, we can only run so far, we can only jump so high. Since architects are in charge of creating realities, it is amazing to me that more of them do not start by working on their flesh vehicles, training them, and pushing their boundaries. Our own bodies are a great place to begin experiments which prove to ourselves that current limitations don’t need to define us. For instance, when I was young, I was an immigrant kid in hostile environment and felt very vulnerable. I was not physically strong, I was not able to defend myself or others, but by taking reality creation approach I was able to analyze my weaknesses and identify specific strategies for overcoming them.

Now, many decades later, I continue to train my body with weights, and continue to practice martial arts with my current focus on Muay Thai.

The impact of this decision to initiate specific changes and create new possibilities in my teenage years continues to have significance on the reality of my life today.

I have always wanted to skydive, but it was far easier to make excuses. It is easier to dream than to act, but dreaming is not reality creation. Since I am an architect, and my job is to take intent and make it manifest in the world, at some point dream had to be proved in practice. Now that I have finally begun jumping regularly, whole new parts of reality have opened up for me. The feeling of flying in freefall, experiencing zero G, skydiving through the clouds as the sun sets, the rush of guiding my canopy through the last 20 meters before touching solid ground, are all completely new experiences. I am facing the world in ways I never knew were possible. The first step was the overcoming of limitations and mankind’s natural tendency to maintain the status quo.

How does this reflect on architecture? The creation of architectural reality relies on exploring the world of the possible. Alternate mindsets must be considered, creating different approaches and various creative solutions. By training mind and body to deal with existing limitations, I am able to envision new strategies and try bold new methods which help stretch the realm of the possible. The result is an open-ended creative process, creating new possibilities and realities which are rooted within the existing context of limitations, yet break through them and reach far beyond.