Consistent with the UAE government’s aim to be more people-friendly and future-ready, our design team was tasked with redesigning the traffic department customer lobby at the Abu Dhabi Police headquarters. The design was conceptualized with the aim to redefine the visitor’s perception of the experience of interacting with a government body.

The use of a warm material palette, including travertine stone flooring and accents of wood, in a space peppered with informal seating clusters created a welcoming sense of comfort.

In a departure from conventional organizational order and the use of vertical planes as visual dividers, different sub-departments were placed within a larger open plan with floor finishes, ceiling and furniture acting as space defining elements. The proposed design created a visually larger space with seamlessly interacting divisions. Features like the
living green wall, contemporary lighting, interactive panels and island seating pods contribute to making this a unique experience for the end user.

Customer Lounge

The customer lounge was designed to be more of a meeting space than a waiting lounge.
The focus was placed on ensuring that the visitors were given a comfortable setting to interact with government representatives.

Upholstered armchairs, carpets, indoor plants and diffused ambient lighting come together to create a relaxed vibe that encourages communication.