Martin Baerschmidt was the Project Director on this project while at RMJM.

Master Architect: RMJM
Site area: 23.3 hectares
Designed to be a new landmark development for the city of Al Ain, the masterplan is centered around a state-of-the-art cultural and convention complex which forms one of three distinct districts created around green oasis that form a public heart to the development and reflect the specific character and environment of Al Ain. The modern yet traditional architecture of the districts comprise of entertainment, leisure, commercial and residential areas that are designed to offer a complete participant experience, fully integrate with the community, and provide a cohesive mixed use development that is vibrant 24 hours a day.
Buildings are arranged around tree lined, shaded courtyards that flow in to the main public oases spaces. Where ever possible strategies for conserving water and energy have been introduced such as the recycling of water, minimal use of water in landscape, and minimization of heat gains through design.