The heart of design in the new Mafraq Hospital is a dedication to health and community in the United Arab Emirates. The original Mafraq Hospital has been operating for over thirty years—and they were doing well. But they knew that the future of healthcare could be reflected and modeled in a new, upgraded facility. Something good for health and good for the environment. Our team of architects, designers, engineers, landscapers, and more chipped in on the new Mafraq Hospital. The design is distinguished by four towers—prominent structures filled with floor upon floor of patient rooms. The new facility houses 499 beds, but was designed to expand internally up to 745 beds if needed. Each floor features nursing stations and patient control centers, and at the Rooftop gardens. Rooms have large windows with ample light, and special floors cater to patients who require additional privacy and attention. This energy-conscious and forward-looking facility offers a new experience for medical staff and patients—a new standard for modern healing environments. Ivar Krasinski and Abdul Jaleel were respectivly Design Director and BIM Manager while working at Stantec/Burt Hill