Martin Baerschmidt was contracted by Apex Circuit Design as a Chief Design Consultant while at EDGE (Previously L+B Design Group).
Lead Consultant: Apex Circuit Design
Site Area: 204 hectares
Apex Circuit Design has been commissioned by the FIAI to undertake a full masterplan exercise for CAMS, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport. The site is adjacent to an airport and is in close proximity to Melbourne’s Port Philip Bay, and situated 50 km from Melbourne’s CBD. Edge have been contracted to Apex as Consultant Designer for this and several other projects in Australia and Asia. The objective in each case is to make a viable land use that is more than one dimensional, such that income can be derived to justify the vast allocation of land, in this case 204 Hectares. The circuit is to be constructed and handed over in 2015 to add a state of the art facility to the State of Victoria. It is to have an option to be used for Formula 1 from the same year.