Ain Dubai also known as the Dubai Eye, is the focal feature of the Blue Waters  development.

The original design of the retail next to the wheel, originally had no roof over the public circulation areas. As the project developed further, it was decided by the developer that it is important to make all space associated with retail covered and chilled. We stepped in to document this new feature roof, working closely with WSP and ALEC, the contractor. The client requested multiple options to be studied, and we have quickly turned around each option with drawings and rendered perspectives. The project is still under construction and expected to open in 2019.

Public Places

The interior public areas are full of life. A tiered ground plane, stepping down towards the wheels’ access. The project makes extensive use of video walls, which reinforce the activities in the area.


The retail pods inside the main space project above the roof. Care has been taken to ensure that it is possible to see the wheel through the roof in most key areas.

Matching details with mega structure

The roof being a late add-on, it was important to ensure stylistic continuity of the detailing of the wheel into the roof structure.

Outdoor areas

The majority of retail circulation is enclosed by the roof, however the outdoor entries form public plazas conducive to meetings and suitable for advertising.