Seven gym is located on Mezzanine level with a longitudinal floor plate that overlooks out onto Sheikh Zayed road.

By responding imaginatively to the characteristics of the site, we have created a distinct sense of place. At the same time we have maintained a constant design language and overall palette of materials, which draws inspiration from contemporary art and cutting-edge design, rather than the fitness sector. The resulting design is industrial yet luxurious and places the visitor at centre stage.

The first thing visitors encounter is the cycling booth which is the central focal point driven by the emphasis of the dropped metal ceiling and floor flushed LED strip light. The cycling booth is a piece of architecture by itself, the cylindrical glass wraps around the floating ceiling and its projected wooden platform.

This elegant feature proudly contradicts the rough and raw materials throughout the gym, yet together they create the perfect balance between natural materials such as wood and leather versus the industrial finishes using different types of concrete, stone and metal.

The floors’ uneven concrete texture is in keeping with the studio’s design ethos of using modest materials in novel ways, the reception desk is made from rose gold which creates a stylish-chic sharp touch to the white handcrafted concrete tiles used for the juice bar and DJ booth.

The changing room corridor is designed as a mysterious experience, where infinite reflection of mirrors and lights give you the sense of being lost in transition.

Warm colours exude vibrancy and energy necessary for a place where adrenalin pumping activities take place on a daily basis.