ARCHITECT: EDGE (Previously L+B Design Group)

Construction Cost: 1 million USD
Aston Martin is an iconic British car maker, with the highest standards of design and customer care. After 20 years association with their local sponsor, Aston Martin MENA looked to project their brand in the Middle East market with a new showroom on Burj Boulevard, opposite the world’s tallest tower. The customer experience is paramount, and the retail tenancy selected is an 11 meter high space that will be transformed with 5 cars inside on the ground floor and all management functions on the 2 proposed mezzanine levels. Scheduled to open in mid-2012, this project was entirely designed and managed by EDGE on behalf of Aston Martin MENA, with significant co-operation from the UK Head Office of Aston Martin at Gaydon. The strict following of Corporate Identity (CI) Guidelines for materials and furniture has made this a challenging and rewarding project.