As a key to unlocking design solutions for our clients, EDGE offers a more progressive approach throughout the pre-contract stages where our design integrates a far more commercially and financially driven decision making process; in other words a market led solution.

We pride ourselves for an elegant, minimalistic and clean architectural designs.  EDGE delivers projects in all sectors including commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, sport education and healthcare.

Architectural Services Include:


We will begin by preparing preliminary designs based on your requirements and financial model to explore and illustrate possible options. We will review these options with you, pointing out the merits and responding to your input.


One preferred scheme is taken to a higher level of detail, and the start of interdisciplinary coordination.


This stage refines the agreed upon concept design for a clearer definition of the scope and quality of the finished project.


This, as the name implies adds further detail to the BIM model. The drawings resulting from this stage are ready for tender.


We can advise you on your choice of contractor – usually done by calling for competitive bids.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, all of our work utilizes the most up to date methodologies and software. Every project from feasibility to architecture and interior design utilizes BIM technology ensuring tight control of quantities and costs, multidisciplinary coordination, and optimized results.

EDGE ensures the highest quality standards for our Clients on every project we undertake. Elegant structural solutions as well as discreet and efficient MEP systems are key to our high-quality full services offering in addition to architecture. Therefore, we are building a team of experienced engineers in-house to complement our world-class architects and interior designers.

EDGE design considers quality, constructability and durability key elements for any prudent Client and their investors and/or end-users. We drive projects from inception to handover, and make key decisions to increase return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We also ensure unmatched quality of construction whilst promoting a team approach to working with some of the best contractors in the world. we set high standards early on and improve our team in every aspect of documentation from 3D renderings to shop drawing approvals.

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