Site Visit 1/JBR: Why “It’s not for everyone” | Middle East Construction News

Big Project ME joins designers EDGE on site at Dubai Properties’ 1/JBR Last December, social media in Dubai was abuzz about a 30-second advertisement that poked fun at the stereotypical representation of luxury property developments in the city, which tend to veer towards the ostentatious and over-the-top.

Dubai Properties Recognised for 1/JBR at Cityscape Awards

Dubai Properties, a leading Dubai-based master developer and member of Dubai Holding, and EDGE, an award-winning architect and lead consultant, received an award for the luxurious 1/JBR project at the 15th edition of the Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets. The flagship development was named the best future medium- to high-rise residential project for 2018 in the UAE.